Let’s Talk Makeup…This is my little space to share my thoughts about one of my true loves… makeup. As a Makeup Artist, life’s subtle things inspire me in different ways. This blog is a way for me to express my thoughts and ideas about makeup, skincare and beauty.

About Sharing: I truly believe sharing information is a great way to reach out to people and learn even more. In fact, sharing is caring! Please feel free to share information and images from this blog, but please make sure to credit this blog (pinkdiamondstl.wordpress.com) when images are used. It is only fair 🙂

About my blogging frequency: I will try my best to be consistent with my entries, at least one entry a week.

About Hiring Me:  Visit My Makeup Artistry Website or call me at 919-348-9540Durham Makeup Artist , Raleigh Makeup Artist , NC Makeup Artist , North Carolina Makeup Artist , Raleigh Wedding Bridal Makeup Artist , North Carolina Wedding Bridal Makeup Artist



Pink Diamonds by Tiwa Lawrence

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence

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  1. Hey Tiwa, this is Abby..we met at RDU airport about 2 and a half weeks ago. Just thought I’d drop by your site and I must say you are a very, very talented woman. I looked at the different pictures in your portfolio and I’m very impressed by your work. And oh my…your wedding pictures are GORGEOUS!..You’re definitely on your way to the top and I’m gonna be dropping by your blog often..TTYL 🙂

  2. Tiwa, I found you ! I am without words about all of this. Wonderful ! Too bad I couldn’t get together with you before the wedding 😦

    I love your blogs and plan on keeping in touch.

  3. Hi Tiwa

    I love your make up looks its flawless, i’m a beignner and would love to get great tips on how to start as a makeup artist. I love make up but still have alot to learn.

  4. Hey Tiwa,
    I met you this eve at the MAC counter.. Thanks so much for the great industry related tips you gave me. I will definitely look into the class you suggested in DC. You are so talented I will definitely keep in touch.. Morange and Vino is the “Jam” thanks!

  5. Hey Lady!

    So I went to the MAC counter the otherday to be bold and try a red lip for 2012. It was a bust! I tried Ruby Woo and VIVA Glam 1(the one you love) but I felt like a rag dolI in both. It was bad, lol!

    I wish you were here or I was there but your post on the red lips helped so I may try again.


    • Niambi…I am glad the blog helped. You would look amazing with red lips. We just have to find “your perfect red”. Next time I see you, that will be one of our missions, finding “your perfect red color”. I know we can accomplish it. Maybe we can try a red with more orange/ yellow undertones. I miss you xxx

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