L.I.F.T = Look I’m Feeling Today!!

I think the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has a great makeup artist. He or she knows how to enhance her features and make her look even more beautiful. I also love her sense of style. Case in point…

Here she is at the State Dinner yesterday, held in honor of the Mexican President.

Michelle Obama

And here she is at the first “Obama” State Dinner in 2009. Tell me she doesn’t look amazing!!!!

The President and His Love...

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Where Music and Beauty Meet….

AnnMarie Fox is a recording artist I had the pleasure of working with these past few months. She has an amazing voice and a beautiful personality. Another added bonus… she is a great dancer.
You can check out AnnMarie music, HERE and pls join her facebook fan page, HERE. I see her going places…and I look forward to her continued success.
Below are some images from a photoshoot we did last month, and pictures from her performance at Allure in Charlotte, NC, this past weekend. I also included a video below of her performance.  
All Makeup by Pink Diamonds by TL; Musical talent by AnnMarie, lol:


AnnMarie Fox


AnnMarie, Later that night before the performance

AnnMarie, Performing at Allure in Charlotte