Bringing the 70’s back

Working with Chi of Vibrant Photographics is always fun for me.  We both wanted to add a 70’s themed look to our portfolios. I loved his vision of paying homage to the Blaxploitation movie soundtracks and posters of the 70’s. Neira was the perfect model to capture his vision. Her essence captured the era perfectly. The photoshoot was this past weekend and I did the hair and makeup. I love how the images turned out, so I wanted to share.   


Photography by Vibrant Photographics

He also put together the movie poster below. Nice one, Chi!  


Photography by Vibrant Photographics



Cold as Ice…

One of my favorite photographers, Chi Brown of Vibrant Photographics, contacted me about a concept for a model, named Ms. Ice. He wanted her to have a frozen look. This is how I translated his vision.  I think it turned out nice. What do you think?

Ms. Ice

Photography by Vibrant Photographics