The Romantic Bride

Lauren was a lovely bride I worked with a few months ago. She was detail-orientated, and when it came to her bridal makeup look, she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted a natural but romantic makeup look for herself and her bridal party. I have to say, it was fun working with her diverse bridal party. Tracey Spruill of Mane.Edits did a fab job on the bride’s hair and as always I looked forward to working with Hooman of Vesic Photography. He did a great job capturing the images for the bride and groom.

Below are some images of the lovely couple and bridal party by Vesic Photography:

Lauren's wedding1

The Lovely Couple

The Lovely Couple

The Bridal Party. Makeup for Bride and Bridesmaids by Tiwa Lawrence

The Bridal Party: Makeup for Bride and Bridesmaids by Tiwa Lawrence

Below are some up-close images I captured during the bridal preparation:

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence : Hair by Tracey Spruill

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence : Hair by Tracey Spruill

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence


A Glam Wedding in London

Late last year my love, Mobyz, got married in London and I had the pleasure of being her makeup artist. She wanted a natural glam look and I think we achieved just that. Check out some of the images from her super fun wedding. I wish I could relive this trip…but oh well, memories are also priceless 🙂

I pray for marriage blessings for she and Charles. And here is to wishing them many, many, many wonderful years of love and happiness together!

Below are some great images from Litehouse Photography

Here I am capturing a before pic of the before pic, lol

Here I am capturing a before pic…while the official before pic was being taken, lol

Mobzy, almost ready for her Big day

Mobzy, almost ready for her Big day

Aww... She is beautiful

Aww… She is beautiful

Aww...Father and daughter. I love this image

Aww…Father and daughter. I love this image

Husband and Wife...

Husband and Wife…

It's official!!

It’s official!!

Mobyz and Charles are Married...Yippee!!!

Mobyz and Charles are Married…Yippee!!!

My favorite... as the couple head to the reception

My favorite… as the couple headed off to the reception

I was able to capture a few up-close and personal images with my iPhone (you can click on the images for a more detailed look):

Mobzy on her wedding day

Mobzy on her wedding day

She has amazing eyebrows!!

She has amazing eyebrows!!

Mobyz, thanks for choosing me to make you glam on your special day. Love you xxx



Where have you been?? Okay, Okay…Let’s RECAP!!

Hello Guys,

Happy July 4th!!!

I am not sure if I should just act like nothing happened **covers face in shame** or address my absence? For the sake of transparency, I have decided to share. I have been gone for a minute due to a hectic work schedule, personal commitments and a lack of inspiration, but now I am back and I am excited to share about my passion. It is ironic, because I thought about this blog a lot while I was gone and the direction I want to take the blog. I started this blog almost four years ago, and I have changed so much…for one, I am older and I have also matured as an artist. I will still use this space to express myself and share on the topic of makeup, but I want to make sure I am posting what I am truly passionate about and what you guys want to see.

So, let me update you…and let’s start from the last time I was here:

2012 was both amazing and busy. I want to take a moment to reflect on all the great things that happened last year with my Makeup Artistry. I continued to hone my skills. I partook in photoshoots, worked with many fabulous women, was part of a successful makeup seminar in Lagos, attended the makeup show in NYC, trained with Temptu (and I am now an Airbrush Certified Makeup Artist) and I met many amazing makeup artists in my travels. Last but not least, I was able to provide makeup services for many of my lovely brides’ on their special day.

One such bride, was Dale, who got married last year. She is one of my favorite brides to date. I was referred to her by lovely sister who owns Kenjah Bath and Body. The moment I met her, I knew we would be a perfect match. I have to say, she has such an amazing spirit. Her wedding was Chic!!! The ambiance of the location and the feeling in the air was what I like to call “Grown and Sexy”. I loved her dress as it was unique and simple. Her whole bridal party was so much fun to work with. I am blessed be able to work with wonderful people like them.

Below are some lovely images by Kidd Photography

(You can click on the images for a more detailed look) :

Dale's wedding -Airbrush

Here I am doing the last airbrush touch-ups.

The beautiful bride... I loved her dress and her bouquet

The beautiful bride… I loved her dress and her bouquet

The Lovely Couple

The Lovely Couple

Here are before and after images I captured on my camera

Here are before and after images I captured on my camera

On to 2013…so far this year has been super busy and interesting. 2013 started out on a great note…We won the WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2013 and it was such a great feeling. This prestigious award recognizes the top five percent of Wedding Professionals nationwide. Thanks to all my beautiful brides…thanks for choosing me to be part of your special day!


I look forward to sharing about what I have been up to so far this year and also posting about requested topics and more.

What have you been up to since we last spoke? Is there anything in particular you would like to see on this blog? I have missed you all.


Bite This Style: Online Vintage Boutique with an Edge

Last year, I worked on a photoshoot for my sister Adeola’s online vintage boutique called Bite This Style.  As I mentioned; I love unique vintage pieces and the selections on the site do not disappoint. There are a few items I have my eyes on, so I am off to go shopping 🙂

Check out the website to pick up your next statement vintage pieces!

Let me introduce you to BTS

Bite This Style: Online Vintage Boutique

Update:  I just picked up this belt…I can’t wait to rock it.



Vintage Photoshoot: BTS

I took a few behind the scenes pictures at a photoshoot this past weekend. The shoot was for the  online vintage boutique called Bite This Style. I enjoyed working with my sisters and the models, Justice and Morgan. The website will be up in September and I will share more about the site then. I love unique vintage pieces, so I am excited to see the selection on the site.

Models: Justice and Morgan, Stylist: Adeola A, Makeup: Tiwa L

Bite This Style

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes



My ICONIC Series: Bettie Page

For the past few years, I have been working on a series called Recreating Icons…My Iconic Series. In the series, I recreate makeup looks of iconic women who have left a lasting impression on me over the years. Bettie Page was one of these women. Her sense of style was timeless. If not for her trademark bangs and her striking blue eyes, she also made it on my list for her daring ways and for the role she played in immortalizing the traditional pin-up look.  I posted these images on the facebook fan page last year, but for some reason I never posted in on the blog. So, meet Carsa as Bettie Page.

Photography by Ed Frazier; Modeled by Carsa; Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence

Carsa as Bettie Page

Carsa as Bettie Page

Carsa as Bettie Page



My ICONIC Series: Diahann Carroll

To continue with Recreating Icons…My Iconic Series; I have a few more images from the photoshoot in January 2010 to share with you. Who remembers Ms. Diahann Carroll in the movie Claudine? Me, me, me!! I loved her in that movie. And then in the TV Series Dynasty. Wasn’t she the best?

Apart from her obvious beauty and talent as an actor…back then she brought an innocent quality to every role she touched. This is our interpretation of the young Diahann Carroll. She turned 75 years old this year, but I think she is forever young!!!   


Shari as a Young Diahann Carroll


Shari as Diahann Carroll



Shari as herself. Beautiful!!! Antwan did a great job with her hair.

Hair: Antwan Marcel; Makeup: Tiwa Lawrence; Photography: Nick Oza; Model: Shari

 Below are the two images used as inspiration:






My ICONIC Series: Diana Ross

To continue with my series called Recreating Icons…My Iconic Series; I would like to share some images from a photoshoot I was part of in January 2010. When I talk about a True Icon…I mean someone who has made an impact for generations…be it, in fashion, makeup, hair statements, music etc. Diana Ross is definitely a Beauty Icon in her own right. I am inspired by many things about her sense of style, especially when she was a young woman. She chose to enhance her features, rather than minimize them. I also love how graceful she always looked. These particular images were inspired by the “young” Diana Ross.  

Toyin as a Young Diana Ross

Toyin as Diana

Toyin as Diana, Circa 1970's...Think Mahogany

Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence
Hair by Antwan Marcel
Photography by Nick Oza
Below are some of the images I used as inspiration:
 Inspirational images from HERE

My ICONIC Series: Fela’s Wives

As I said in my introduction blog entry “I’m inspired by everyday things, everyday colors. I love recreating looks while adding my own personal twists”, hence the creation of my Celebrity Inspirations series and now, my new series called Recreating Icons….My Iconic Series.

About 2 years ago, I watched the documentary “Konkombe: The Nigerian Pop Music Scene.” The 1988 documentary, depicted how Nigeria’s distinctive juju, Afro-beat, Afro-pop and Lagos street music styles in the 1970’s used traditional melodies and rhythm to influence modern music in Nigeria. One of the Artist featured in the documentary was Fela Kuti. Growing up, Fela’s music always struck a chord with me (even if I really didn’t understand the gravity of what he was singing about at the time). As I grew older I started to realize just how much he did to stand up to the social and political injustices in Nigeria through his music.

There was a scene in the documentary, in which a few of his 27 wives (He married them in one ceremony to make a political statement) were sitting around him. They seemed to really adore him. They all looked so regal and beautiful. Their sense of style was inspiring to me. I realized the amount of makeup they had on might have been considered offensive back then.  But my take on their look, is that they were ahead of their time.  These women did not follow trends, they made them! They really didn’t care what society thought of them. I also began to wonder about the dynamics between the wives. Did they like each other? Did they fight? Were they happy? All these thoughts led me to the concept of a photoshoot I did recently.

As I started to process the information, I realized I wanted to create a story (well, a story that made sense to me). Enter…four amazing models and one very talented photographer. Ed Frazier is a professional photographer based in Charlotte. He was able to capture my vision perfectly. I would like to share some of the images from the photoshoot.

Photography by Ed Frazier; Concept, Makeup, Head Ties and Styling by Tiwa Lawrence;  Models–Bianca, Justice, Katrina and Pep. 


Interpretation of some of Fela's Wives interacting...

Bianca as one of Fela's Wives


Justice as one of Fela's Wives

Katrina as one of Fela's Wives

Pep as one of Fela's Wives


Another Look...




Happy Tuesday!!

I have been meaning to give an update about the Basics in Beauty class I attended last month. The class was taught by Sam Fine. I didn’t really have any preconceived ideas of what I would learn or what Sam Fine would be like in person. But as soon as I stepped into the auditorium, I knew I was in for a treat. I was sooooooooooo impressed with the whole event/ training. The folks at the Bennett Career Institute are amazing. Meeting Mr. Chet Bennett and Ms. Nicole was one of the highlights of my visit… they are soo down to earth and they put me in the front row… WHAT!!! You should have seen how I was cheesing, lol. I was staring right into Mr. Fine’s face, with a longing look the whole time, lol. They did a great job organizing the event. They also had a surprise birthday cake for Mr. Fine. If you are in the DMV area and are looking for a school to attend for cosmetology, makeup artistry, barber-styling or hair braiding, this is the place for you. It has a real family feel. The school is also clean and conveniently located in DC.

The birthday cake… it was yummy!

Now on to Mr. Fine himself….he has such a pleasant personality and he is also a really funny man. I mean really funny, which really threw me off, because I didn’t expect that. He had us all cracking up. But seriously he is a great teacher, which makes sense because education is one of his passions. Very fitting! If you ever get a chance to see and learn from Sam Fine in person, I would recommend you jump at the opportunity. He is an amazing makeup artist. But in the mean time get his DVD, which touches on some of the points we learned in the class. You can check out my previous post for more about his DVD.

Some of the things that really stood out to me at the class are:

  • The importance of aligning yourself with the right people. It will take you far as a makeup artist.
  • Don’t be scared to bleach eyebrows to make a better canvas to work with while creating the perfect eyebrow shape.
  • Free your mind of all products and brands. The brands you work with do not show your true ability as a makeup artist. Your skills are what set you apart from the rest.

Below are some pictures from the class:

Mr. Sam Fine doing what he does best!

His finished work… Isn’t he great???



Mr. Sam Fine and I


Have a Fab day!