Where Music and Beauty Meet‚Ķ

I am feeling this song soo much right now… Brings back memories ūüôā

I know this remix to ‘I Wanna Be Down” is super old (from 1995 to be exact), but I just love the swag these ladies, Brandy, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Yo-Yo, brought to the game back then.¬† I also love the simplicity of their¬†makeup and styling in this video. Their¬†beauty was still reflected in an understated kinda way.¬†

And those braids!!! I think it is time for a hair style change **off to call a braiding specialist**


Who else is feeling this oldie but goody?




Where Music and Beauty Meet‚Ķ

The video for Brandy’s new single “Put It Down” (featuring Chris Brown) is giving me life right now. Brandy’s dancing is…on point, her makeup is…on point, her braids are…on point. Am done!!! lol.

If you haven’t seen the video already, pls check it out below:


Where Music and Beauty Meet‚Ķ

I love me some Brandy and Monica, so whenever they have a project together, I am more than happy to “hear” from them.¬† The image and the video below says it all. They both looked amazing and their makeup application was perfectly executed. Big ups to their Makeup Artists! They are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Keep it up girls!!!

Brandy and Monica at the “It All Belongs To Me” Video shoot

Image from here



Happy Love Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to You All

Let’s celebrate our loved ones as we don’t know what tomorrow holds.¬† Let them know just how much you love them.

I will leave you with my favorite song by Whitney Houston, “My Love Is Your Love”

May her soul rest in perfect peace. She will be missed and as she said, “If I should die this very day… don’t cry cause on earth we weren’t meant to stay”.¬† Her life will be celebrated through her music.

Love Always,


Where Music and Beauty Meet‚Ķ.

One of the things I love most about being a Makeup Artist is the opportunity to meet and work with different people, with different stories and personalities. Christal Reynolds is a contemporary gospel vocalist, I have had the pleasure of working with on different photoshoots. She has such a calming soul, a beautiful personality and her musicality is innate. I always have fun working with Christal and I can’t wait to do it again soon. Check out Christal Reynolds’ website, HERE.

Below is an image from her photoshoot. Makeup by Tiwa Lawrence; Musical talent by Christal Reynolds

Christal Reynolds, Contemporary Gospel Vocalist

(Image provided by Artist)

Where Music and Beauty Meet‚Ķ

When I picked up Keri Hilson’s¬†album, “No Boys Allowed” in December, I was really just¬†attracted¬†to the album cover art. She is smoking a Hot Pink lipstick on the cover and her nails¬†are BADDDDD.

Keri Hilson

Image from Here
I was in love right away, because¬†I had actually¬†wanted to create a look centering around a lady smoking a lipstick for a while. But listening to her¬†album was the icing on top. I love¬†the¬†song called “BAHM¬†BAHM” but my favorite song on the album is “Pretty Girl Rock”.¬† Check out the video below¬†if you haven’t already. How hot is it, that she is¬†paying tribute to¬†talented female entertainers before her. The ladies¬†she portrays¬†appear in this order: Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross and The Supremes,¬†¬†Donna Summers and the group TLC.
Random Information: Doesn’t she kind look like Tia Mowry (who plays Melanie Barnett on the BET show THE GAME) at certain times in this video?

Where Music and Beauty Meet….

AnnMarie¬†Fox¬†is a recording artist I had the pleasure of working with these past few months. She has an amazing voice and a beautiful personality. Another added bonus… she is a great dancer.
You can check out¬†AnnMarie music, HERE¬†and pls¬†join her facebook fan page, HERE. I see her going places…and I look forward to her continued¬†success.
Below are some images from a photoshoot we did last month, and pictures from her performance at Allure in Charlotte, NC, this past weekend. I also included a video below of her performance.  
All Makeup by Pink Diamonds by TL; Musical talent by AnnMarie, lol:


AnnMarie Fox


AnnMarie, Later that night before the performance

AnnMarie, Performing at Allure in Charlotte