Where Music and Beauty Meet…

I am feeling this song soo much right now… Brings back memories 🙂

I know this remix to ‘I Wanna Be Down” is super old (from 1995 to be exact), but I just love the swag these ladies, Brandy, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Yo-Yo, brought to the game back then.  I also love the simplicity of their makeup and styling in this video. Their beauty was still reflected in an understated kinda way. 

And those braids!!! I think it is time for a hair style change **off to call a braiding specialist**


Who else is feeling this oldie but goody?




Bite This Style: Online Vintage Boutique with an Edge

Last year, I worked on a photoshoot for my sister Adeola’s online vintage boutique called Bite This Style.  As I mentioned; I love unique vintage pieces and the selections on the site do not disappoint. There are a few items I have my eyes on, so I am off to go shopping 🙂

Check out the website to pick up your next statement vintage pieces!

Let me introduce you to BTS

Bite This Style: Online Vintage Boutique

Update:  I just picked up this belt…I can’t wait to rock it.