Sammy Sosa’s New Look :)

Ok, let’s talk about skin care and what not to do 🙂 .
Sammy Sosa’s new look is definitely not a good look, no pun intended…lol. Supposedly, he is going through some sort of skin rejuvenation process. Now, you know I am all for rejuvenating one’s skin, but the “cleansing process” he is going through went a little too far, in my opinion.
Ladies and gents, pls beware of skin rejuvenation processes that makes you look like a totally different person!
Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa's New Look 🙂

Image from: HERE
Can someone please help me here? What is going on with Sammy Sosa? 
What are your thoughts on Sammy Sosa’s new look?