Tradition, Remixed: The New Gele?

Some call them Turbans, some call them Headwraps or Headties …whatever you want to call them, this trend seems to be the new thing. Turbans take inspiration from traditional Nigerian culture, in which a Gele is worn to complete a woman’s traditional attire. Geles are headwraps created by tying a long and wide fabric (usually fabric with body, like Aso oke or Damask) around a lady’s head, to create an amazing piece of art. When I have on a Gele I feel regal. They bring focus to the eyes and the facial structure of the face, because traditionally all your hair should be covered with the headwrap. In the image below, I am in the process of tying a Gele for the beautiful Ashlee.

Tying Ashlee's Gele

Headwrap I tied for the Fela Wives photoshoot

With that being said, the new trend inspired by the Gele is a matter of taste. I personally love the trend and I think it is a great way to add interest to an outfit. Check out how this trend is being rocked by some of my favorite people:





Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele and June Ambrose

Images from: Here and Here
What do you think of this trend?



L.I.F.T = Look I’m Feeling Today!!

The 2010 Soul Train Awards took place yesterday in Atlanta (The show will air on November 28). As I was watching CNN this morning, Wolf Blitzer was talking about his surprise on the show while he presented an award last night. Since I missed the show, I thought to check out the images. I came across these images below of Chrisette Michele. She is someone who I think has a beautifully unique voice and a very pretty face, but for some reason she hasn’t really been on my radar (well until I watched the video for Rick Ross’s song, Aston Martin Music a few weeks ago, lol). Anyways, I loved her whole look last night and I wanted to share the images here. Her headwrap reminds me of a Gele… which I will be talking about in an upcoming blog entry.  


Chrisette Michele at the 2010 Soul Train Awards


I am loving her makeup, headwrap and dress


 Images from here

What do you think of her look? Who was your stand out person of the night?