Blush Review: Warm Berry Blush

Hellooooooo…is anyone there??? Pls excuse the silence on the blog. I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last shared with you guys. May was a crazy busy month, but I am back. Thanks for all the concern and questions I received while I was gone.

So, while I was at Walgreens last month, I came across the most amazing deep colored blush called Warm Berry.

Below are some pictures:

Black Radiance Blush in Warm Berry

The Packaging

Warm Berry Blush

Blush Swatch

I love, love, love how pigmented this product is. It’s a great color for women of color. The color payoff is great and one might have to apply the blush sparingly to avoid putting too much product on your cheeks. It blends with ease and gives a great glow as well.


Amazing product for the price ($5.69)


Very pigmented, so you need a light hand when applying the product… this is really a Pro in my opinion.


Verdict: Most have blush!!!

Price: 5 out of 5

Packaging: 4 out of 5

Functionality: 5 out of 5



4 thoughts on “Blush Review: Warm Berry Blush

  1. Pigmentation is never a bad thing becuase you can always apply with a light hand. Lack of pigmentation isn’t good because you can’t just put more on if you are dark. Alot of brands look ashy on dark women alltogether. Black Radiance has been around for a while as a product targeted towards dark women of COLOR. So that also includes really dark skinned women who need heavier pigmentation to get any payoff. The rest of us will be fine. I love the pics by the way.

  2. @Kissfordanger….You are correct, pigmentation is not a bad thing as I stated in the entry. Beginners sometimes don’t know what to do with highly pigmented products, so I wanted to make sure I brought that fact to light. Thanks @ the pics 🙂

    @ Chic Therapy…Let me know if you like it…They still have the blushes in the square packaging. This blush is a new addition to their line. The blush is called Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush.

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