Is there such a thing as “Guy friendly makeup”?

So, this weekend I gave my husband a kiss and for the next few hours he kept saying his lips were hurting and he could feel a tingling sensation. Initially, I thought he was overreacting. But then it hit me…I had on a plushglass called Girl Boy from the new MAC Quite Cute collection. Although, I personally love the formulation of plushglass, it does leave the lips with a tingling, minty sensation. I am sure he was allergic to something in the product’s ingredients.
That experience got me thinking…should we think about our boyfriends, husbands or significant others when we shop for our makeup and beauty products?
I recently read an article where they polled some “real guys”. They gave a list of looks they are not crazy about. Below is a quick summary of what they had to say. Pls check out the full article, HERE:  

Eyeliner Overload: The raccoon-eye makeup look can be a big turnoff.

Super Scented: Tons of perfume can make them feel breathless.

Cat Woman Nails: Super-long nails aren’t really a hit.

Makeup Mishaps: Seeing a girl’s foundation stop at her neckline means she can’t blend.

Blinding Pearly Whites: Apparently overly-white teeth is also a turnoff (Ummm…That’s interesting).

Honey Kisses: They are not a fan of sticky lip gloss.

A Jersey Shore Hairstyle: “Snooki poof is not for them” (I personally love a good poof, so I am not listening to this advise, lol)

Beauty Illusions: So, I guess they don’t like when a lady draws a fake beauty mark on her face.

Fake Baking: Overly tan skin is not attractive to some men.

Confidence Killer: Not shaving your legs is not a deal breaker.



Taylor Momsen…Eyeliner Overload?


 Image from here
I agree with some of their thoughts, but not all of them. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as “Guy friendly makeup”?

  1. My husband HATES heavy eye makeup. He thinks its a plot to scare significant others. I could understand the reasoning behind all except for the white teeth, don’t get that one. I guess some men like teeth that look like margarine.

  2. This is sooo interesting as my husband this past weekend asked me to wear “non-stickier” lip gloss when I kiss him! LOL hilarious!

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