LIFT: Nail Edition

L.I.F.T = Look I’m Feeling Today!!

Lately, I have been feeling this nail polish by Essie called Pretty Edgy. I love the consistency and color payoff of the nail polish…just two thin coats was all I needed.   


Essie Nail Polish: Pretty Edgy



Pretty Edgy



Pretty Edgy


The color also reminds me of my Nigerian colors. Do you have any Nail Polishes that remind you of something? Please share 🙂



7 thoughts on “LIFT: Nail Edition

  1. Love the color. I want to experiment with different colors this summer. I’ll stop by the shop off University, let me know if you need anything.

    • Yippie…I am soo excited. They have a great collection. Pick up OPI Cajun Shrimp for yourself, I think it would look great on your complexion. I am going to have to take you up on your offer.

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