Where Music and Beauty Meet…

When I picked up Keri Hilson’s album, “No Boys Allowed” in December, I was really just attracted to the album cover art. She is smoking a Hot Pink lipstick on the cover and her nails are BADDDDD.

Keri Hilson

Image from Here
I was in love right away, because I had actually wanted to create a look centering around a lady smoking a lipstick for a while. But listening to her album was the icing on top. I love the song called “BAHM BAHM” but my favorite song on the album is “Pretty Girl Rock”.  Check out the video below if you haven’t already. How hot is it, that she is paying tribute to talented female entertainers before her. The ladies she portrays appear in this order: Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross and The Supremes,  Donna Summers and the group TLC.
Random Information: Doesn’t she kind look like Tia Mowry (who plays Melanie Barnett on the BET show THE GAME) at certain times in this video?

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