iPhone vs. BlackBerry

This is random, I know 🙂

If you had to choose between these two phones, which one would you pick and why? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

The Apple iPhone




The BlackBerry® Bold 




 EDIT: I ended up getting an iPhone and it was the best decision I ever made…phone wise 😉




11 thoughts on “iPhone vs. BlackBerry

  1. Well if those are the only options available i would go for the iPhone. Personally i like compact things, so i don’t fancy the Bold. HOWEVER, I must admit that as a user of both, i find that i am VERY addicted to the Blackberry messenger. This is the only feature that trumps the iPhone and it is what makes people addicted to their Crackberrys. I have heard that you can jail break iPhone’s to get BBm, but i’m sure it wont be the same. For instant free messages to your pals worldwide, pick the BB, for everything else it MUST be the iPhone!!!

  2. I had a blackberry and I switched to the iphone..the only thing i miss is the blackberry chat what was becoming a nuisance since you can’t sign out! I love the iphone apps (amazing) and its helps me manage my business on the go! Also the iphone has ping as nice replacement for the bb chat if a lot of your friends have the iphone. I still have my blackberry and I plan to use it for a business line but I’m a HUGE iphone fan. Both great phones though 🙂

  3. Hehe re Adeola!!! I’m with you, but bb chat is soooooo addictive!!!!! However, I really miss all my apps etc, so getting back on the iPhone, but keeping bb as work phone – best of both!!! hehe!!

  4. @ Mobola and Onada… Thanks for the breakdown. It seems the only reason I would get the BB is for the messaging. I totally leaning towards the Iphone.
    @KB…lol, you are Razzz
    @Adeola…Thanks 😛

  5. Whatttttt!!!! BB all the way. I have the new bold and it’s quite slim and def the best bb ever!! I love so many things about my bb: bbm, the uber twitter app, auto text, battery life (2 days…I kid you not!) and I could seriously go on and on…

    iphone who? what’s that?

    • I missed you boo…glad you’re back. It’s too late, I was sold on the Iphone, lol. If I ever have a reason to have 2 phones, I will definitely get the BB Bold. The 2 day battery life sounds unreal.

  6. After having 6 Blackberrys, I finally got an Iphone last year and hands down, I would have to choose the Iphone! The apps are incredible and are increasingly improving. Iphone for life lol!!

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