FINE: The Basics of Beauty

I just finished watching Sam Fine’s new DVD, FINE: The Basics of Beauty.  Awww…I’m in love all over again. Now, I remember why I admire and look up to him. He is an amazing makeup artist. He has a way of bring out the best features on a woman’s face. 


FINE: The Basics of Beauty DVD

I read his book, Fine Beauty, years ago. It had a lot of helpful tips to get me started with basic makeup application. This DVD is a great follow up to his book. The set up of the DVD is straight forward and easy to follow. No matter the level of one’s expertise, the step by step style he used, makes for a great learning experience. 

I just had to share! Check out the DVD, if you are a visual learner like I am!!




8 thoughts on “FINE: The Basics of Beauty

  1. That dvd is awesome. I love it!!! I’m not too great at applying makeup and i found the instruction easy to follow. It was a great help with the filling in of my eyebrows. His technique was great. I totally agree that a beginner can totally gain from this dvd. I did!!!

  2. I like the whole “made up but still natural looking” feel of his work. If you’re a fan you can always point out his work in magazines. If you remember, your book got me started on this guy years ago.

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