Eyebrows, Glasses and Makeup

So, I have been wearing glasses since the 6th grade. I started wearing contacts towards the end of high school but I wear glasses on a daily basis (I wear contacts on weekends or “special” occasions). That leads me to the reason for this post. Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Eyebrows…. I personally believe eyebrows are very important, because they frame the face. If you wear glasses (or sunglasses) the importance of well groomed eyebrows increases significantly, because glasses draw attention to the brow bone.

Model with glasses

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I have tried all types of methods to shape my eyebrows:

  • Waxing
  • Plucking with tweezers
  • Threading
  • Shaping my brows myself with a “eyebrow razor”

My favorite methods are threading and using an “eyebrow razor”. Waxing is ok, but really, if the person doing it doesn’t get it right the first time, then you are out of luck. I do think plucking is necessary to get rid of stray hairs and to give a polished look, but plucking your whole eyebrows takes forever.

I have found threading to be more precise. They take only a few hairs at a time, so one can avoid going overboard. With shaping your own brows you are in control, (but you must have steady hands). Always, make sure to take a step back from the mirror and put on your glasses in the process to ensure your brows are proportional, and then continue.

Some random things to think about when it comes to wearing glasses and makeup:

  • Make sure you blend your foundation and powder properly- The handles of glasses and the nose pieces have a tendency to take off some of our makeup. Blending the foundation will help to limit how much comes off.
  • Practice good hygiene with your glasses (or sunglasses)- This will prevent you from breaking out at the areas that touch your skin. To clean your glasses, put some minted alcohol on a cotton pad, then wipe the handles and nose piece. Next, rinse your glasses with warm water, then wipe it down. (Disclaimer: Use your discretion before you use alcohol on your glasses. Glasses frames are made from different materials. Plastic frames work better with this cleaning method).

I hope you find this helpful!




2 thoughts on “Eyebrows, Glasses and Makeup

  1. I vividly remember when you introduced me to threading. My first time was truly an experience (no pun intended). Lots of people give advice but I followed through with threading because YOUR eyebrows are always on point and it made me look FAB. Keep walking the talk Mrs. L.

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